Our Students - Room 6 - Ms Borowitzka


 Welcome to Room 6!

We have a Fabulous team of dedicated people to help and support your child’s learning. In Room 6, we aim to provide a positive and friendly learning environment where students feel safe and supported. They will be able to take risks with their learning and overcome challenges in a positive manner. High expectations and self-motivation are the key focus and students are encouraged to set and work towards their personal goals. We believe through rich and engaging learning experiences students can reach their full potential develop growth mindset.

We are also supoorted by Mrs Nunn and Mrs Hill


 Work will be displayed in the front office in Term 1, Week 9 and 10.

Assembly will be in Term 2, Week 6 the 1st of June.

We are so excited to be part of Year 3 & 4 and look forward to seeing the growth over the year.