Our Students - Room 4 - Mr Willett

Welcome to Room 4


In Room 4, the aim is to provide a positive and friendly learning environment where students feel safe and supported. They will be able to take risks with their learning and overcome challenges in a positive manner. High expectations, discipline and self-motivation are the key personal focuses in room 4 and students are encouraged to set and work towards their personal goals. I believe through well-structured and engaging learning experiences students can reach their full potential and develop a growth mindset. 

The class doors will open at 7:50am, and formal lessons begin (class starts) at 8:00am and students are expected to be in class and ready by this time. The morning starts with our literacy block which has a heavy reading fluency and comprehension focus along with explicit instruction in writing. During our literacy blocks some of the programs that will be used in our classrooms are Talk 4 Writing, CARS and STARS, Spelling Mastery, Core5 Reading fluency and Reading Eggs. Literacy blocks run daily and students have multiple opportunities to master and develop new learning.

In 2023, the Year 3 to Year 6 students will be grouped for Mathematics (Stepping Stones) and Spelling (Spelling Mastery) to work in levels based on the Western Australian Curriculum. The aim of this is to enable more effective and efficient teaching by narrowing the range of student achievement in a class. During our numeracy blocks some of the programs that will be used in our classrooms are Stepping Stones, basic math facts, times tables and Mathletics. Students will be working through sequences of learning aligned with the Australian Curriculum and will have the opportunity to extend their learning through problem solving activities.

Room 4 work will be displayed in the front office in Week 7 & 8 of term 2.

  Room 4 Assembly will be in week 4 of Term 2 (Thursday 18th May 2023).  

In Room 4 the students are rotated to have classroom helper jobs. This gives everyone an opportunity to have responsibility and promotes initiative. Some of these include: messenger, IT helpers, technician, book/paper helpers, and teacher assistant. Students will have the opportunity to try each job throughout the year. 


Jason Willett

Year 4 Teacher