Parents & Community - Safe on Social Toolkit

North Tom Price Primary School is excited to announce that we now have a Safe on Social Toolkit for parents to access, from our website. We would like to thank the NTPPS P&C for their generous donation to this toolkit – it would not have been possible without your input.

This toolkit has been designed to help inform parents about the many apps, social platforms and gaming websites our students are now accessing.

There is a wealth of information that we shall be adding to the online toolkit in fortnightly uploads.

Parents of children of all ages will find this an invaluable tool for supporting their children’s online experiences. Ranging from cheat sheets, to safe practise tips and guidebooks for the more popular apps, there is sure to be something to support parents in becoming more tech savvy in their own homes.


Social Media Tips for Parents  Recommended Age Guide  #Hashtags
 Elsagate and Youtube  Instagram  Cyberbullying - What to do
 Report Cyber-Bullying  Cyber Security Snapchat Tips 
Snapchat Snap Map  Roblox Guide 2019  Snapchat Guide 2019 
 Deleting Instagram   Discord Cheat Sheet  Location Services 
iOS Settings Google Docs 2019 You Tube Guide 2019