Our Students - Room 1 - Mrs Sinclair

Welcome to Room 1

In Room 1 we are successful learners. Our teacher is Mrs Sinclair and we appreciate her every day.


Our classroom has many stick insects and a scorpion. We get to change the leaves and hold the stick insects. It is important to spray them with water each day.

For Mindfulness, we have many games and puzzles that we can play. We also have a Creative Journal that our teachers gets us to complete activities in. Today we read a poem called, “What I love About School’. We adapted the poem and had a go at writing our own. We are allowed to draw lots of pictures in our journal and make it colourful and interesting.

Every Friday we have a Senior Sport competition. The Year 5 and 6 students have been placed in four teams. Each week we play one of the other teams. We gain 5 points for a win, 1 point for a loss and 3 points for a draw. This term we will play rounders, football and cricket. At the end of the term the winner will receive a trophy and reward for their efforts.

Every Tuesday we have CoRE, a project based Science program. We are focusing on Biological Science and have started researching information on the adaptations of a Western Australian animal. We also need to build a 3D model and present a discussion, explaining its habitat, diet, breeding and lot of other things in front of the class. We get to work in groups and it is lots of fun!

In Maths we are learning about decimals, place value and rounding numbers. Some of us go to different teachers for Maths.


Written by the students of Room 1.