Our Students - Room 1 - Mr Grainger

Welcome to Room 1

G’day! Welcome to Room 1 for 2021. We are a split Year 5 and 6 class, and we have a great year planned and are super excited to get stuck in!

  During the course of our school day we have a literacy block, which is broken into spelling, writing and reading, and then after recess we have a numeracy block. Our literacy block is lots fun; Spelling Mastery as a focus of our spelling; we use the CARS and STARS reading program to further our reading skills, and the Talk For Writing program to increase our writing development. Our numeracy block consists of mental maths activities to start our session before moving into our maths rotations, involving a whole school maths program called Stepping Stones.

We have a number of specialist teachers that we go to during the week: Mrs Robinson takes us for Phys. Ed. and Health, Mrs Sinclair takes us for Science, and we go see Mrs Claire in the library. We are also lucky enough to have Mrs. Graham and Ms Cara as our Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEO) to come and help out in the class. We also have Mrs Rockliff and Mrs Newman as our Education Assistants (EA’s) helping out during the day.