Our School - Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the website of North Tom Price Primary School

North Tom Price Primary School is a dynamic school which places a high priority in developing positive partnerships with all members of the school community. Since 1978 North Tom Price Primary School has developed a desirable reputation for providing a safe, inclusive learning environment where students are supported, encouraged and challenged to work to their potential. Staff strive to provide opportunities in a warm and caring environment for students to have the required skills, knowledge and understandings to become lifelong learners.

Our staff takes pride in the quality educational programs that are provided and seek to extend their own learning by collaborating with each other and across other schools. Their priority is providing a quality education that is worth having for each child, as Together We Strive for Excellence.

This website will be regularly updated and provides a reference to learn about our wonderful students and a general overview of the operations of our terrific school.

You are also welcome to contact us if you wish to know more about North Tom Price Primary School.




Kim Terace