Curriculum - Virtues Program

The Virtues Award Program is designed to give the staff at North Tom Price Primary School tools and strategies to help shape character by creating a positive, empowering culture or environment where children are learning and growing. The Virtues Program is a positive, holistic program which is used to bring out the best in children and adults through the learning of the 52 Virtues. It is designed to help students make moral choices and build the language of integrity and self-esteem.

It is our intention at North Tom Price Primary School to develop a positive culture which is consistent, and based on a common language by all.

Each class is provided with posters and activity packs at the commencement of each term. These activities are designed for a wide range of age and grade levels. Many of them apply to all ages. The whole school focuses on the same virtue/virtues each fortnight.

  • Teachers to provide a minimum of one structured lesson on the focus virtue/virtues per week.
  • Teachers to ensure the common language of the focus virtue/virtues is used throughout all learning tasks.
  • The focus virtue/virtues are discussed at parade on the first Monday in the fortnight. At the end of the discussion the affirmation is read and the students to repeat after the teacher.
  • The student display board outside the principal’s office is used to share a class’s focus virtue/virtues activity.

The staff of NTPPS reward students with Virtue Vouchers for displaying one of the 12 nominated virtues; Excellence, Respect, Courtesy, Responsibility, Co-operation, Enthusiasm, Perseverance, Confidence and Strong Choices, Resilience, Orderliness, Tact and Unity. The virtue vouchers are then placed into the Bruce, Meharry or Nameless Faction Box which are located outside the office. Fortnightly at parade, two virtue vouchers are drawn from each faction virtue box and each student selected is rewarded with an icy pole from the canteen.

At the end of the term, all of the virtue vouchers in each faction box are counted. The faction that has the most virtue vouchers will receive an award which is determined by the Virtues Committee.

At the end of each term, the counted virtue vouchers will be stored in the Deputy’s office. They will remain here until the end of the year, where a final end-of-year award will be announced. A ‘major’ award will be given to the overall winning faction with the most virtue vouchers.

One student from each class is presented with a Virtue Merit Certificate at our fortnightly assembly. This coincides with the focus virtue.