Our Students - Room 14 - Miss McAleavey

Welcome to the 2024 school year!



My name is Miss McAleavey, and I am excited for the opportunity to teach Pre-Primary this year. It will be a year full of fun and learning. We also have a fantastic team including Miss Kit, Ms Deb, Miss Celeste and Miss Jo helping to provide additional support on alternative days.

My passion and commitment in working with children is grounded in the understanding of early years education as an important foundation for children’s lifelong learning and development including emotional, social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual. A responsive and positive parent-teacher and student-teacher relationship is critical for the success of each child.

In room 14, the educators appreciate the uniqueness of each child and their interests, personalities and experiences and endeavour to recognise, respond and extend on each child’s unique ideas with quality learning experiences and environment where students feel a sense of belonging, safety and becoming a part of a class family. We are excited to continue exploring ideas of the many ways our class can become a class family.


Important events:

·         Tuesdays: Library

·         Thursdays: Science, HASS, Health, and Technology

·         Room 14 work will be displayed in the front office in Term 4, Week 1 and 2.

·         Room 14 Assembly will be in Term 4 Week 2, 17 October 2024.

·         Room 14 Virtues display will be displayed in Term 4 Week 1 and 2


Parent Teacher Contact

Please feel free to contact me for any concerns regarding your child at Philile.Mbuli@education.wa.edu.au and we can always have a quick chat at pickup or drop-offs.