Curriculum - The Arts - Semester 2 Drama

The focus for Semester 2 is Drama. During this time, students will have the opportunity to make and respond to a range of different Drama genres such as improvisation and mime. They will begin their unit of work by creating stop motion animations. The senior students will build Lego sets, create scripts and film a short animation in small groups. The middle years will also explore stop motion animation using paper to create two-dimensional images. Students in ECE and Junior primary will be participating in theatre sports and drama games that aim to develop their understanding of expression, movement and voice projection.

Semester 1 Snapshot:

Floral Art: Van Gogh inspired sunflowers, pastel daisies collaborative bouquet.

Black and White Art: Japanese Notan paper art

Nature Art: 3D insects created with watercolour paper.

Marine Art: Embossed foil plaques, charcoal fish.

Leah Keane

The Arts Specialist