Our Students - Room 5 - Mrs Burke

Welcome to the 2023 school year!

This year in Room 5, we have fantastic Year 3's. We aim to have a positive and friendly learning environment where we feel safe and supported. We can take risks with our learning and overcome challenges positively. High expectations, a growth mindset and self-motivation, are the key focus, and we are encouraged to set and work towards our personal goals.



In the first week of school, we brainstormed our class expectations. We exercised our right to use our voice and share our opinion. We understand that being respectful means treating others as we want to be treated. We believe it is very important to respect our peers, teachers, and the environment to have fun in our learning and be happy at school.

This Semester, in English, our focus is spelling, writing, reading, comprehension and fluency. We have been revising previous concepts and skills learned for Mathematics and focusing on numbers and Algebra. For Civic & Citizenship, we are learning about participating in our community and how decisions are made democratically. In Digital technology, we are investigating the digital system, learning ICT skills and how to be safe online as part of out protective behaviours lessons.